Recap: Body Life Fellowship Night

Body Life Fellowship Night
Third Sunday Night of the Month
Recap from October 20, 2013

Those in attendance Sunday evening left blessed and encouraged by the many testimonies from the church body of PLBC. Our time began with a focus on the sufficiency of the written Word of God. Pastor Chad briefly surveyed the reasons why we can be confident in scripture’s sufficiency as well as the implications this carries into our daily thinking and living.

This brief discussion transitioned us to sharing testimonies about what God has been teaching us through His Word in our personal reading and reflection. What a blessing and a challenge to hear each other give witness to the power of the Holy Spirit in effecting clear and direct change in our lives through the written Word!

The next season of testimonies segued from “God’s Work In Us” to “God’s Work Around Us” as testimonies of God’s greatness and evident works were given. We were once again reminded that our great God is very much at work here in the Twin Cities and abroad. Individuals shared of ways the works of God had been put on display in their own personal lives, through loved ones, and through the opportunities and activities around them.

The fellowship time ended with a final season of testimonies concerning “God’s Work Through Us,” highlighting God-given opportunities (“open doors”) for sharing the Word of God with others. Both evangelistic as well as discipleship opportunities were shared as God’s greatness was magnified in observing His clear desire to work through willing servants. This also gave each of us new prayer requests to remember throughout the week.

If you happened to have missed our Body Life Fellowship night, you will have another chance each month to be a part of this special time together. While we meet each Sunday evening, our BLF gathering for testimonies will meet again on November 17 (every third SN of the month). You can already be praying about what word of encouragement you might share with the body next month!