PLBC Original COVID Response – March 13, 2020

Dear PLBC Family,

As you may have heard, the President has declared a national state of emergency due to COVID-19, and the Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner has recommended that group gatherings and churches throughout the state cancel weekend services to help prevent the spread of the virus.

It’s tempting to respond to today’s headlines with panic or skepticism. But scripture calls us to trust in our sovereign Lord and to show compassion toward our neighbors and their well-being. Paul writes in Philippians 4:7 that the peace of God will guard our hearts and minds in Christ as we commit to Him in prayer those matters which might otherwise have made us anxious and overly concerned (v. 6). Our lives rest in the sovereign care of a God Who has all authority over viruses. We must not be fearful, and yet we must also not be irresponsible or cavalier.

In response to the recommendations of our God-ordained government leaders, we are canceling all services and events for this weekend. Saturday’s Amazing Puzzle Race activity will be postponed to a later date.

Below are a few of the steps we are currently taking as we continue to prepare as a church for the days ahead:

We have received counsel from medical professionals in our church body.
A team has been formed, including our medical doctors, to give input on disaster preparedness, not only relating to COVID-19 but also other possible emergencies.
We have been in dialogue with other like-minded churches throughout our area.
We are currently testing our live-streaming options going forward.
We expect there will be more announcements forthcoming as things are changing on a daily basis. For now, please keep in mind the following announcements:

Sunday morning’s sermon is being prerecorded and will be posted Saturday evening. Look for a link in your inbox. We invite you to gather with your family around a connected device to hear a message of hope from Pastor Muri related to this present challenge.
There will be no weekend church events until further notice, including Kids 4 Truth.
As things stand, midweek prayer groups are invited to continue meeting, while exercising caution and deference to the changing status of things.
Christianity Explored is being postponed to the Fall. We also trust God may use this to help us build strong connections with neighbors and friends during the summer months.
Although we may not be meeting for the foreseeable future, the expenses of the ministry and our financial commitments to missions work continues. You can continue to give by mailing in your offering, dropping it off during our regular office hours, through bill pay (direct deposit), by visiting, or by texting “give” to 763-308-3556.
While we may not have expected this surprising turn of events months ago, none of this takes our sovereign God by surprise. Might we continue to look to Him during these uncertain times, knowing that His sovereign hand is fully in control of our days as well as our destiny.

Your fellow laborer in Christ,

Chad Williams
Associate Pastor | Parkers Lake Baptist Church