Children’s Ministry

We regard children as a stewardship given to a father and a mother . In our attempt to actively disciple parents we also make every effort to assist them in this blessed stewardship. To this end we have developed a Child Discipleship Ministry that is designed to minister at age appropriate levels but with the common goal of helping each student toward spiritual maturity.

Sunday School: The focus of our Sunday School is to instruct each student in the biblical storyline with particular attention to the core doctrines of the Christian faith. Children are given an accurate description of the attributes of God (Father, Son, & Spirit), the nature saving faith, the reliability and authority of Scripture, the destructiveness of sin, the purpose of the church, and the delightful prospects associated with the revelation of Jesus Christ at his second coming. Along with a theologically rich core curriculum it is our goal to promote Scripture memorization in a way that supports the doctrinal teaching (catechism).

Junior Church: We provide a children’s alternative to the morning worship service for children up to age six. This ministry pursues parallel goals to the adult worship service including songs that exalt Christ, teaching and/or Bible stories that include life-change application, and teaching on the importance and method of prayer. Parents are given the option to take advantage of this ministry or have their children attend worship with them.

PLBC Kids: These are occasional gatherings designed to augment the goals of Sunday school and also provide an outreach opportunity for families to minister to other families in their neighborhoods. This ministry is not considered part of our standing meeting schedule but organized as personnel are available and an adequate number of families are willing to be involved. See attached schedule for upcoming events.