Missions and Outreach

Everyone in the world needs to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and the church is under divine commission to take this message to the world in concentric circles of outreach from our ministry center in Plymouth to the farthest parts of the globe.

Witness is not a program of PLBC but part of our ethos. It is our desire that every member participate in disciple-making at some level and in some manner at all times. Discipleship extends beyond presenting the gospel and seeing conversions. It carries through with a life-long goal of seeing every convert fully committed to following Christ and fully conformed to Christ.

On a local scale, we promote every-member evangelism through personal witness in the workplace, neighborhood, and family connections. Beyond our immediate network of neighborhoods, we are engaged in church planting initiatives in the metro and we partner with a number of disciple-making missionaries world-wide.

Each ministry of our church is to have a missional bent that includes the gospel message with a view to discipleship.

Our deacons are assigned the task of overseeing the missionary outreach of the church. They have appointed a Missions Committee to help them stay informed regarding the specific activities and needs of each missionary we support.

Our goal is to raise up missionaries from within our church family and send them out to do Great Commission ministry with excellence and perseverance.

Missions will never be a completed assignment, but it remains our unfinished task demanding persistent efforts, prayer, training, and support.