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Men face unique challenges and shared struggles and few thrive without a bit of gospel camaraderie. No man is born with the full set of tools needed to navigate marriage, raise children, manage work-place pressures, and win the battles every man faces. We believe the Bible is the best and only reliable resource for handling these issues. So, we encourage men to meet with other men on the same journey. We do this in the following ways:

Men’s Bible Studies

Using inductive Bible Study tools, we meet weekly and work through books of the Bible. Inevitably, the texts we study stimulate conversations that enable us to apply biblical principles to life in practical ways. In the process, we build strong relationships that provide safe accountability and provide mutual strength for the shared journey.

Breakfast of Champions

No, we’re not all stellar athletes or even dreamers, but we do want to be successful in the roles we’ve been given. Occasionally, we put on a hearty breakfast and invite a speaker to share life-lessons learned in the press of circumstances. When one man slogs through a season in life and finds God’s grace strong and readily available, the rest of us can be encouraged to do the same. Sometimes it’s a matter of pointing out principles from God’s Word that we all need to hang onto or innovative ways we need to pray and grow as men.

Men & Boys Campout

Why would scores of men take their sons and camp out in a field on a fall weekend? Answer: Because they love homemade fries and monster burgers cooked over a massive campfire and they need the fellowship of other men and boys who are serious about becoming God’s kind of men. We sing, pray, share biblical truths, play hard, eat well, hike, fish, target shoot, and generally have great relationship-building fellowship.

Summer Softball League

The Parkers Lake Lumberjacks participate each summer in a softball league that pits us against some tough competition. We take the games seriously, but are more interested in cultivating relationships and developing Christian character than we are in taking home the trophy at the end of the year. This is a great way for men who are new to PLBC to build lasting friendships while participating in a sport we can still enjoy as our hair turns slightly gray.


Congrats PLBC Lumberjacks on winning back-to-back tournament championships!

Softball Schedule

Lumberjacks NORTH Team Schedule (Coach Dave L)

Lumberjacks North Schedule

Softball Schedule

Lumberjacks SOUTH Team Schedule (Coach Daniel D)

Lumberjacks South Schedule