Join us sundays at 10:45 AM

Teenage discipleship is a stewardship given to a father and a mother. As a church we make every effort to assist them in this blessed stewardship. To this end we have developed a Youth Discipleship Ministry that is designed to minister to young people at this pivotal and transitional stage of life. We encourage parents to join with this ministry so that together families may see their teenagers grow into spiritual maturity.


The focus of our weekly Teen Bible Study Hour (Sundays 9:30 a.m.) is to equip each teen with a scriptural framework and a biblical worldview. We intend each week to mine the depths of scripture, see our need of Jesus, and find practical relevance for our everyday living. God’s grand story: creation, fall, redemption, and the restoration of all things form the framework for our study of the biblical text. Every book of the Bible we study, every topic we cover, and every issue that is raised is deeply rooted in God’s story and points us toward better knowing, loving and serving God. During the school year, our Youth Night seeks to further flesh out this Biblical framework in more concrete application as the youth gather in a casual setting and invite newcomers weekly to join.


In addition to our weekly bible study and our youth night, the teens gather periodically in homes on Sunday from 7:30-9:00. Here we seek to deepen relationships as we enjoy food and good times together in the comfort of a church member’s home. We also take time to discuss application points from that morning’s message from our worship gathering. Our goal is to generate biblical discipleship by working the truth of God’s Word practically into the lives of the teens.


God has blessed believers with the local assembly so that we might build up one another spiritually. Through time spent together we receive increased opportunity to accomplish this God-given responsibility and privilege. With that goal in mind, we provide occasional opportunities to enjoy one another’s company in a fun, casual setting so that we might encourage each other in one’s own journey of faith spiritually.


Part of our mission is to serve God. To that end we endeavor to be purposeful about creating periodic service opportunities for our teenagers both within and without the local congregation locally as well as mission trips abroad.


Youth Bible Study Hour

Starting at 9:30am each Sunday morning, teens 7th-12th grade dive deep into scripture as they evaluate life from a Christian perspective and a biblical worldview. Teaching times are focused on timely application for the youth and encourage group discussion.

Teens are encouraged to stick around for the 10:45 worship gathering with the church body that shortly follows.

Youth Night

Teens gather each Sunday evening throughout the school year to engage in a time of fellowship centered around God's Word and to connect together with our youth ministry discipleship team.

We encourage teens to bring along friends and invite newcomers weekly!


Sam and Moriah Gilbertson, Youth Ministry Coordinators

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The youth ministry coordinators partner together with parents for the discipleship of teens as they plan times of gathering for spiritual edification and social engagement. The coordinators work with other youth volunteers in the church to assist in the teaching/preaching times as well as the activity planning. They work directly with the pastors of PLBC to carry out the youth ministry philosophy of the church.